Don't be afraid, our features deliver.

Designed thoughtfully around a hyper-functional feature set, like Sit + Stand capability and Modularity.

Dynamic Height Adjustment

Pull the spring pin. Set the height. Lock it in.

Quick Release Backplate

Easily slide your screen on and off.

VESA Standard 100x100

Our proprietary backplate is compatible with universal standard 100x100 VESA mounting patern.

Mobility Handle

Bring your Rigg with you, always.


Does Rigg have a weight capacity? Will it work with ultrawide montiors?


Rigg can hold monitors up to 26lbs, which accomodates almost all standard monitors, outside of a few exceptions. If you have a monitor that measures over 30'' it's best to check the model to make sure it's not too heavy. Average monitors (between 24-27'') tend to way between 5-10 lbs, and Rigg handles those no problem.

Rigg can accomodate ultrawide monitors as long as they comply with our weight guidelines.

Can my monitor be mounted to a Rigg?


Our prioprietary backplate is compatible with all VESA Standard 100x100 mounting patterns. This is the universal standard four-hole backing that almost all monitors employ. In rare cases, the ports to a monitor might be blocked by our backplate when its in the central position, but this can be solved easily by adjusting the mounting position of the backplate.

Can my Single Station's be turned into a Dual configuration?


Oh yeah! Rigg is designed to be modular and intercompatible, so that any combination of parts can be customized to fit your needs. If you have two single's, they can easily be converted into a dual with a dual connector (available as a modular add-on).

I have other questions...


We'd be happy to answer any and all other questions you have about our products.

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The Most Height Adjustment

of any freestanding monitor mount.